1. Al Swiss Insulation Co. L.L.C. (SIS)

Onshore & Offshore Insulation (Thermal, Cryogenic, Acoustic), specialized works on FPSOs, Hydrocarbon Passive Fire Protection, Structural Steel Fire Proofing (Cementatious/Intumescent), Firestops, Refractory (Bricks and Castables), Shotcrete/Sprayed Concrete /Gunite.

2. Swiss International Engg. & Marine Co. L.L.C. (SIEMCO)

Onshore & Offshore Project Management, Heavy Engineering including design, engineering, procurements and construction. Marine Engineering including Design, Construction and Commissioning of Yachts, Boats, Barges, Vessels, Accommodation modules and Ship Repairs.

3. Ecotech Co. L.L.C. ( ETCO )

EPC Electromechanical contracts including Supply and Installation of District Cooling and central Air-conditioning Systems. High Voltage Infrastructural Electrical activities including Instrumentation. Underground/ Aboveground Piping, Plant Dismantling, Relocation and Commissioning. Hard & Soft Landscaping projects etc.

4. Mega Gas & Oil-Field Equipment & Services L.L.C. ( MEGA )

All Oilfield related contracts including specialized mechanical, insulation, fireproofing activities.
Import, Export, International Trading, Commercial Agencies.
Safety and Environmental protection.
5. KKJ Group Intl. (India) Pvt. Ltd. (KKI)

To carryout all Group activities in India and other neighbouring regions in general and Onshore & Offshore Heavy Engineering, Project Management, Specialized Construction, Mechanical and Structural Fabrication, Design, construction and commissioning of Yachts, Vessels, accommodation Module, Ship Repairs and Erection, Insulation, Fireproofing and Hard/Soft Landscaping in particular.

AOR Institute Cancer care Super specialty hospital along with Medical Oncology, Radiation Oncology, Surgical Oncology, General Medicine, General Surgery, ENT, Gynacology, Nuclear medicine and Padiatrics and diagnostic facilities. Also provides Research and Development in the above disciplines

6. KKJ Foundations - (KKF)

Maintenance of full fledged hospital for free treatment, rehabilitation and terminal care for the abandoned destitute chronic patients. Extension of Financial Aid for Housing, Food, Medical Treatment, Education, Marriage of economically backward and underprivileged. Undertake Research and Development projects especially in alternative medicines like Ayurveda, etc.

7. KKJ Group International Ltd. (KIC) - Canada

To carryout activities in the field of education by professionally managing and running International Schools and Colleges which are providing professional courses globally. In addition to this it also extends its services to International Trading for its global companies and cater their need of oilfield as well as other industrial section.

8. University of Business Doctoral Programs (UBDP)

The University of Business Doctoral Program (UBDP), Ras Al Khaimah is an exclusive Business Research University moulding ambitious professionals to the core of their potential through their DBA program. UBDP is an extension to well known Hispanoamericana Justo Sierra University in Mexico which extend right platform for American Standard Research Facilities to Asian and Middle East professionals exclusively in the Business Management arena at an affordable cost. The Accreditation from Mexican Education Ministry qualifies the professionals to acquire Doctoral Degree within the meaning of North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and such accreditations are recognized internationally including American and Western countries.

9. Swiss International LLC, Muscat,Oman (SWISSCO)

To carryout Mechanical and specialized contracting activities in Oman suitable for Onshore & Offshore projects, cross-country pipelines, MEP services, Insulation & Fireproofing activities, District cooling services, specialized Civil Construction, Trading and Oilfield services.