Provision of the basic welfare needs of the destitute and underprivileged at large irrespective of caste, creed, race or region by playing a supporting role to foster a positive change in the standard of living of the very low income group.



KKJ Foundations is an ISO 9001: 2008 certified Charitable Trust founded under Indian Trust Act, 1882, during August 2003 for the benefit of the Public at large. The ‘Settler cum Chairman’     Dr. K.K. JOSEPH, holder of ‘Doctorate in Business Administration’ is an ardent professional in Business Management, Law and Finance, who also heads Al Swiss Group (Middle East Operations) and KKJ Group (Global Operations) from its inception as ‘Chief Executive and Founding Chairman’.

This conglomerate has its Group Corporate Office in U.A.E. consolidating centralized international operations of its Nine ISO 9001 : 2008 certified companies. In view of facilitating operations in almost all the continents, Group member companies were strategically incorporated in U.A.E., India, Canada and Oman. The Group has operations all over the world in various spheres ranging from Heavy Engineering, Construction, Health care, Education to International Trading.

Perspective view of KKJ Township housing Charitable
Hospital and Asha Institute of Oncology & Research.

The concept of “benevolence towards mankind” had been conceived by him during his childhood and well nurtured all along his career. He has been extending possible assistance to the economically backward sections of the society for basic Education, Housing, Marriage, Medical Treatment, etc., in a relatively unorganized manner since 1993.

However, in order to carryout such social responsibilities in an organized manner, KKJ Foundations was formed and for this purpose a self-contained township with a built-up area of approx. 300,000 sq.ft. is being constructed in a backward village to be known as ‘KKJ Township’ at Namakuzhy, Perumbadavom Road in Ernakulam Dist., Kerala State, India. The various charitable activities which were mentioned in the Trust‘s founding objectives are vigorously being coordinated by a group of dedicated philanthropists ably supported by proven professionals to take the noble causes of the Foundations to its logical conclusion.



KKJ Foundations is an absolute charitable institution and has been approved by the Government of India as a Charitable Trust engaged in the welfare of public at large vide Central Govt. Income Tax Dept. 80G Certificate no. CIT/CHN/12A/Tech.30/2003-04 dt. 16/11/04. The Foundation has also been accredited internationally on implementing UKAS, UK Quality Management System vide ISO-9001 : 2008 by BVQI - a rare recognition and achievement in India for an absolute charitable institution.

In a developing country like India considerable percentage of masses are under- privileged in terms of basic education, food, clothing, shelter, medical care and usually abandoned especially when afflicted with chronic diseases. This is where this Foundation has set its target to contribute as much as possible irrespective of caste, creed, race or region. Apart from the above, the KKJ Township which is on the verge of completion, is housing a 120-bed capacity Charitable Hospital cum Rehabilitation Centre for the welfare of abandoned and destitute chronic patients. This hospital has been named after the Founding Chairman’s late Father as ‘Uthuppu Memorial Charitable Hospital’ (UMC Hospital) and the same has been in operation since January, 2008.



The entire project is being solely financed and supported by Dr. K.K. Joseph - the Founding Chairman. He devotes a major chunk of his income from worldwide operations of the KKJ Group International in his capacity as the Chief Executive and majority shareholder. As has been said, ‘the more that one is bestowed with, the greater will be the commitment for noble causes’. With the grace of Almighty God the Foundation envisages to complete the entire ambitious ‘KKJ Township’ by the year 2017.



Since the Founding Chairman is an NRI industrialist and his wife, Mrs. Asha Joseph is the only other Trustee who also resides overseas, an effective but reliable two tier Governing Council consisting of Governing Body and Advisory Body have been formed for conducting the Foundations various charitable activities. The Governing Body has been formed under the patronship of His Grace Dr. Thomas Mar Athanasios the Bishop of  Indian Orthodox Church Kandanad Diocese Kerala and a born Philanthropist. His Grace would also chair all the Governing Body meetings which shall formulate and implement all policy decisions and run the day to day affairs of the Foundations and its various Charitable Institutions under the guidance of the Chairman.

The Honorary members of Governing Body are:


Name of Honorable Members Status

H.G. Dr. Thomas Mar Athanasios
- Bishop of Kandanad Diocese

2. Mr. Joy Varghese - Social Worker Secretary
3. Mr. P.V. Thomas - Social Worker Member
4. Rev. Fr. Benoy John Treasurer cum Chaplain Chaplain

H.G. Dr. Thomas Mar Athanasios

(Bishop of Indian Orthodox Church)

The Advisory Body and the second wing of the Governing Council would be responsible for extending logistic support and guidelines in all major policy decisions in general and feasibility of all new ventures undertaken by the Foundations. The ex-officio members are core professionals and leading management personnel of KKJ Group International’s worldwide operations. The Honorary ex-officio members of Advisory Body are:

# Ex-officio Members Status
1. Mr. Jay Prajapati
Group Executive Director
2. Group General Manager Member
3. Group Internal Auditor Member
4. Group Commercial Manager Member


The Foundations shall act as a Holding Trust with independent rules, bye-laws and regulations as may be required by each charitable institution under it. The Trust deed under reference explicitly provided such clauses empowering complete authority to Board of Trustees to appoint such Governing Council and formulate required bye-laws without circumventing the Foundation objectives. 



To commemorate the completion of Ten years of successful operations of KKJ Group International with the abundant blessings of the Almighty, KKJ Foundations was formally registered to pursue the following objectives in an organized manner ;


Among various other Missions envisaged in the Trust Deed, it has been prioritized to primarily continue with the present policy of extending help for basic welfare necessities like Financial aid for Housing, Food, Medical Treatment, Education, Marriage Expenses, etc., to the ‘destitute and underprivileged’ at large not only in the countries linked to KKJ Group International operations but also in those Indian villages which are economically very backward.


To set up a Rehabilitation cum Terminal Care Centre for the destitute chronic and terminal patients who are unable to meet their treatment expenses and are abandoned by the near and dear. The primary area of assistance shall be provision of free Medical Care for the poor in general and rehabilitating chronic patients and extending possible comfort to terminally sick persons in particular at our Charitable Hospital. Viz. Uthuppu Memorial charitable Hospital Commissioned since 01.01.2008. 


To provide Mobile Medical Assistance to interior backward villages and tribal areas with the help of experienced Medical Staff by supplying free Medicines and Preventive Vaccinations. This Medical Team would also conduct awareness classes for the illiterate to educate them about health hazards and respective preventive measures in such areas.


To Sponsor a dedicated “Volunteer Group” to respond to Natural Calamities and other emergency situations by selecting and training honorary members who have relevant experience and willingness to involve in such noble deeds anywhere within India.


To co-ordinate with concerned Government Departments and other leading Medical Colleges to inspire the willing fellow-beings to pledge (state their desire) to donate voluntarily their vital human organs like eyes, heart, kidneys etc. for immediate transplantation upon their demise. There are countless number of unfortunate chronic patients requiring human organs for whom a transplant from a donor is the only hope for life.


To undertake Research and Development projects in the medical field especially in alternative medicine like Indian System of Medicine - Ayurveda and to run required medical or educational institutions to facilitate such objectives either inside or outside India. 


Last but not least, the ambitious KKJ Township has to facilitate all the Trust’s noble activities under one roof as ‘hope and shelter’ for the destitute and the abandoned.

The UMC Hospital is a 120 bedded hospital cum Rehabilitation venture at the KKJ Township at Elanji Village in Namakuzhi – Perumbadavom Road, Ernakulam District, Kerala – 686665. The first phase was inaugurated in January 2008.

The UMC Hospital has two wings mainly to accommodate destitute chronic patients while Rehabilitation wing targets the welfare of the abandoned Destitute and Orphans. Wholly built on a charitable notion, the services of this hospital and its rehabilitation wing are absolutely free and exclusively for the benefit of the economically backward and downtrodden irrespective of caste, creed or region.

The UMC Hospital extends specialty care in General Medicine, Pain & Palliative Medicine and Geriatric Medicine in the first phase on life long basis that too on absolute charitable manner. The second phase would cover adoption of orphans and abandoned destitute irrespective of age and sex. The orphans will be given education upto metric level and later trained on job-oriented courses to get them employed. The abandoned destitute will be rehabilitated on life long basis supported with required social and medical care.

The charitable wing of the Hospital is currently equipped with all the infrastructure to extend best possible care for all the patients who are admitted to the Hospital irrespective of their social backgrounds. The hospital is currently offering those services not only to the inmates but also to the public at large.

The UMC Hospital activities are not only limited to the services that are being offered to the public health care. We do hold our commitment for the betterment of the society through;

organising Community programs for the benefit of the public, which include, Emergency medical rescue measures in natural calamities and to extend preventive and curative medical services during epidemics especially the socially backward and rural areas where such facilities are not accessible. In addition to this; home care, medical camps, health awareness programs, etc., are also being undertaken as part of public welfare activities.

conducting medical education programs including national and international seminars and workshops for the benefit of our faculties and the medical fraternity on a regular basis 

conducting public awareness programs on different areas like that of Organ donation, health and hygiene etc.


The Foundation would like to reiterate its commitment to add more meaning to ‘corporate social responsibility’ and that the Mission set out hereinabove on priority basis are not subjective in nature and hence would be reconsidered for continuous improvement in line with the changing requirements.

We do agree that, our financial resources are absolutely modest in comparison with the societal needs especially in terms of high magnitude of very low income group in Indian villages who do struggle even to meet their basic necessities. However, the Foundations would certainly focus its broadly set goals in the upliftment of the destitute and the underprivileged with humble might, humility, above all with the abundant blessings of the Almighty and the invaluable prayers of all our ‘Well-wishers’.

“Love your Neighbour as Yourselves” makes better sense about Charity.

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